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The Boardroom

Square feet: 375
Seating: 18 *

In business, it pays to think big, and thinking big is easy in the Boardroom. Newly rennovated, the Boardroom is elegantly appointed with comfortable armchairs, central table, and a dramatic river view, the Boardroom is an impressive yet private space for your most important meetings and corporate events. Full A/V, wireless and other meeting services are always available. Two separate entries allow for easy and discrete access to the library and lobby, or through the club’s back corridor.

Parlor A

Square feet: 475
Seating: 12-14

Offering versatile space for several small workgroups, networking, or equipment-intense presentations, Parlor A offers expansive views of Covington and Newport. Our meeting planning team will work with you to outfit this flexible parlor to meet every want and need.

Parlor B

Square feet: 221
Seating: 2-5

This charming room is sure to spark creative thinking and positive decisions for you and your “power luncheon” guests. Though relatively small, Parlor B possesses a commanding view of “The Ascent” and surrounding Covington area. Its size, however, does not diminish its versatility, permitting a sense of space and privacy for smaller meetings.

Parlor C

Square feet: 168
Seating: 6-8

Despite its efficient dimensions, Parlor C feels wide open, owing to the striking Northern Kentucky panorama flanking the space. Warm, rich décor complements the scene for your most productive meetings and meals.

Parlor D

Square feet: 216
Seating: 8-10

Your next conference or workgroup meeting will benefit from the focused and purposeful character of Parlor D. Looking directly into Covington and the rolling hills of Kentucky, the room works efficiently for A/V, meals and versatile seating arrangements.

The Grill Room

Square Feet: 1,200
Seating: 40-50

Always in high demand, the Grill Room boasts a panoramic Cincinnati skyline vista. A beautiful full-length cherry-wood bar balances the inner wall, providing colleagues easy access to beverage and food choices. The Grill Room is available for evening events, and can be used in conjunction with the Ballroom for larger functions.


Square Feet (Ballroom alone/Salons I-III): 2,550
(combined with Grill): 3,750
Seating: 120-200

The Ballroom’s pure décor pairs well with your corporate celebration or sales kickoff. One side of the room is a picturesque aspect of both Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky glittering against the Ohio River. Our meeting planning team works hard to make your room requirements, special requests and dining arrangements rival the view.

Salon I

Square feet: 650
Seating: 15-40

Located off the main lobby, Salon I’s view parallels the I-75 Bridge and peers into Paul Brown Stadium. An adaptive space, Salon I is perfect for large regional meetings or smaller groups with bulky display or equipment needs.

Salon II

Square feet: 750
Seating: 20-60

"Tri" room available to accomodate slightly larger groups - 4 rounds 6' tables, 1 rectangular table for 14.

Located on the West side of the Club, Salon II looks out over the banks of Northern Kentucky. Let the Metropolitan Club show you how an elegant setting can enhance your next business event.

Salon III

Square feet: 812
Seating: 24-75

Momentous and joyous social occasions deserve a setting that matches and builds on those positive emotions. Perched on the Club’s southern face, Salon III features fantastic views of Northern Kentucky and “The Ascent.” It’s the perfect place to reflect on the past and look to the future surrounded by family and friends

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